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Reminisce Together

VReminisce is on a mission to protect the integrity of memories and strengthen connections to the people, places, situations, and things that comprise those memories.

Recuerdo by VReminisce:
The Ultimate Reminiscing Experience

Welcome to Recuerdo, the groundbreaking virtual reality app that connects you and your loved ones to their cherished memories, no matter where they are. Our solution is designed for those who are distanced from their families, providing an immersive experience that allows them to revisit the places and moments that matter most. With Recuerdo, you can share personalized experiences with your loved ones, and stay updated on each other's lives like never before. 


The app’s standout feature is its ability to recreate immersive familiar places. It brings back the sights, sounds, and events that are dear to your loved one, with content provided by you for authenticity. This makes the journey down memory lane not just visually stunning, but also emotionally meaningful.

Personalized VR Tours*

The app revolutionizes the concept of virtual tours by offering a personalized immersive experience tailored precisely to your loved one's familiar spaces. Whether it's their old neighborhood, your home, or favorite vacation spot, the app crafts virtual tours that cater to their specific interests, ensuring each exploration feels like a personalized adventure designed just for them. *360° photos required

Media Assets

The app goes beyond traditional virtual tours by empowering viewers to enhance their environments with multimedia content. Have a video clip showcasing the birthday party of a grandchild? Or perhaps an audio recording capturing the ambient sounds of a bustling market in Philadelphia? With this app, you can seamlessly integrate these multimedia elements into their personalized virtual environment, adding layers of sensory richness to your loved one's exploration.

Object Tagging

One of the app's standout features is its advanced object tagging capability, which adds a layer of depth and knowledge to their virtual adventures. As they navigate through the virtual environments, they can interact with objects and landmarks, gaining access to detailed information, historical facts, and fascinating anecdotes provided by you. This immersive approach transforms their virtual tour into an educational and enriching experience, allowing them to delve deeper into the places they explore.

Invite Contributors

The app fosters a sense of community and collaboration by allowing family members and friends to share their own content contributions. Whether it's a breathtaking panorama captured during a solo hike or a hidden gem discovered in a bustling city, users can contribute their unique experiences and insights, enriching the collective knowledge base for all to enjoy. This collaborative aspect transforms the app into a dynamic platform where users can connect, learn from each other, and discover new perspectives on the world around them.

How It Works

Step 1

Capture familiar places using a 360° camera. This can be different parts of your house, or other places that a loved one may have fond memories of.

Step 2

From your mobile or PC browser, launch the Recuerdo App and create your VR viewer's Virtual Tour experience by uploading photos taken from the 360° camera and attaching media assets (photos, videos, sound bytes) relevant to the viewer.

Step 3

Let your loved one view the assembled experience through a VR headset. And to enhance his/her experience even more, tag objects within the virtual tour and invite contributors.

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