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Suggested Hardware

In order for the ultimate reminiscing to work, you as the creator of the immersive virtual tours would need a 360° camera to take photos, along with the Recuerdo App to upload these photos to and assemble the environments. Your viewer (loved-one) will then need a VR Headset to experience what you've created.

360° Camera

A 360° camera holds paramount importance when delving into the immersive experience of a loved one. By capturing a full panoramic view of the environment and uploading that to our Recuerdo app, it enables VR viewers to explore every angle, turning their gaze in any direction they choose, fostering a sense of presence. 

Though you can use any commercially available 360° camera, we recommend Trisio or Insta360.

Virtual Reality Headset

Using a virtual reality headset offers a multitude of benefits for achieving immersive experiences. Firstly, it transports your loved ones into rich, lifelike environments, allowing them to explore and interact with the personalized environments you've uploaded to Recuerdo App in ways that were previously unimaginable. By leveraging advanced tracking technology and high-resolution displays, VR headsets provide a heightened sense of presence, making users feel as though they've been physically transported to another place. 

Our solution is developed to work on any Meta Quest Headsets.

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